Calcium Burns Fat and Makes us Feel Fuller, Longer

Updated: March 31, 2023

Lara Pizzorno is the author of “Your Bones: How You Can Prevent Osteoporosis and Have Strong Bones for Life – Naturally” and a member of the American Medical Writers Association with 29 years of experience specializing in bone health.

Recently we asked Lara if she would help us provide a series of short, ongoing videos to help you (our customers and readers) stay up to date on the latest facts and science related to bone health.

In this latest video, Lara discusses the latest research confirming that calcium burns fat and makes us feel fuller, longer. Watch the video below (or read the transcript provided) and let us know what you think in the comments. 🙂

Hello, I’m Lara Pizzorno and the author of “Your Bones” and I’m here today to share some information with you from the breaking research that I hope will inspire you and help you to have healthier bones.

Did you know that the latest research has confirmed that calcium actually helps us burn more fat? Excrete more fat and not feel hungry, longer?

I spend 2-3 hours of everyday reading through the breaking research and a few weeks ago I was rewarded big time with a just released paper, this paper is so new that it’s not even going to be out on PubMed until March. If you’re wanting to read it after reading this video, you can access it on the website on the Journal of Nutrition, which is the official Journal of the American Society for Nutrition.

Well, this paper gave me yet another reason why I am really glad to be taking my daily AlgaeCal Plus. It was written by two teams of researchers in the UK, one group at the Department of Sport Exercise and Rehabilitation and Northumbria University, which is in Newcastle upon Tyne and the other group at the Department for Health at the University of Bath, also in England. The paper is titled, “Calcium Ingestion Suppresses Appetite and Produces Acute Overcompensation of Energy Intake Independent of Protein in Healthy Adults.”

This paper sparked my interest in what I soon discovered has been a topic of research since 1980! And that is calcium’s inverse relationship to body fat. And that’s the topic of this video and probably a few more videos because there’s just too much interesting research and encouraging research to cover, in just one video.

So daily consumption of calcium is both recognized in both animal studies and human placebo controlled trials to be inversely related to body fat. In other words, calcium promotes fat loss. And for those of us who would like to take off a few pounds, that kind of crept up on us when we were hibernating inside this winter, it’s some very good news.

Supplementing with calcium plus vitamin D has now been shown in a number of studies to greatly increase the amount of fat that is lost when calories are restricted. And you don’t have to massively diet.

It’s just a restriction of about 500 calories less than what you need to maintain your body weight while you’re dieting.

The latest studies, including the one that got my attention from these British researchers, are focused on figuring out the reasons why this happy event, happens. And there are quite a few of them.

The three most basic are that:

  1. Calcium causes us to excrete more fat in stools.
  2. Calcium promotes the release of insulin so calories we consume get quickly delivered to our cells and are used to produce energy instead of being stored away by our adipocytes as fat.
  3. And thirdly, calcium particularly if it’s accompanied by vitamin D and protein, increases our feeling of fullness so our hunger is satisfied more quickly and we eat less.

In our next video, I’ll share with you the research that’s focused on each of these 3 ways that calcium promotes fat loss. Thanks for tuning in I’ll talk to you shortly.


Gonzalez J, Green B, Brown M.  Calcium Ingestion Suppresses Appetite and Produces Acute Overcompensation of Energy Intake Independent of Protein in Healthy Adults.

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  1. Dee

    April 1, 2017 , 9:16 am

    Please refrain from placing pictures with triangles superimposed that do not show the video. It took a looong time to find the actual video, which was worthwhile, but I almost gave up. Reviewing new studies is important to me, but I don’t know where to look on my own, so thanks.

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