World Osteoporosis Day Scavenger Hunt (Enter to Win!)

Updated: November 17, 2020

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Please note: This competition is now closed. A big thank you to everyone who participated. And congratulations to our winners –– Patricia, Carin, and Betty!

October 20th is World Osteoporosis Day. Traditionally, it’s a day where we’re reminded of the scary statistics and bleak consequences of osteoporosis.

But who needs any more depressing news right now?! And besides, poor bone health is not a foregone conclusion. With that in mind, we thought a bit of fun was in order, along with some positivity…

So, we hosted a scavenger hunt –– one that provides a positive message about increasing bone density along with actionable tips you can implement today!

How the World Osteoporosis Day Scavenger Hunt Works

The World Osteoporosis Day Scavenger Hunt competition is now over. But you can still complete the scavenger hunt!

Our hope is that you’ll have some fun “hunting” around the AlgaeCal website. And that you’ll take the time to read the pages involved in the scavenger hunt. And even better… share the information you read with your loved ones.

Because the core message of World Osteoporosis Day is to raise awareness about bone health and what you can do to have strong, healthy bones for life. And that’s a message we try to promote every day of the year.

Here’s how it works:

A little further down this post, you’ll find three sets of questions.

Now, the questions are bone-health related, and all of the answers are “hidden” somewhere on the AlgaeCal website!

Your task is to “hunt down” the answers. But don’t worry, we’ll give you a helping hand. For each question, there’s a hint that provides a clickable link to the page you’ll find the answer on. 

Scavenger Hunt #1 – The AlgaeCal Website

Search around the AlgaeCal website for the answers to the following questions. We think you’ll discover some helpful bone-health tips along the way!

  1. How many essential bone-supporting minerals are there? Hint: They’re all in AlgaeCal Plus, and you’ll find the answer here
  2. Name one of the 3 “Ps” to look out for when you’re choosing an omega 3 supplement. You’ll find the answer on our guide to choosing an omega 3 supplement
  3. How much protein do researchers recommend older adults get every day? Hint: You’ll find the answer on our ultimate guide to protein
  4. What percent of bone density can someone over the age of 40 expect to lose every year? Hint: You’ll find the answer here
  5. How many years was the 2016-Ragus-award-winning study on AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost carried out for? Hint: You’ll find the answer here

Once you’ve completed the scavenger hunt, scroll down to the bottom of this post to check whether your answers are correct.

Scavenger Hunt #2 – The Newsletter Hunt

The image below is found at the top of every email I send for the AlgaeCal newsletter. Your task is very simple… tell me what the blacked-out phrase says.

AlgaeCal Email Header Image

(Hint: If you haven’t signed up for the AlgaeCal newsletter to receive all the latest bone-health news, bone-healthy recipes, and exercises for low bone density, you can do so below. I send a newsletter every Wednesday and Saturday!)

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Scavenger Hunt #3 – The AlgaeCal Community Exclusive Hunt

Did you know AlgaeCal customers get exclusive access to the AlgaeCal Community?

The AlgaeCal Community is a Facebook group dedicated to providing extra support to AlgaeCal customers on their bone health journeys.

Our 12,000 + AlgaeCal Community members can:

  • Participate in exclusive competitions like this one
  • Pick the brains of our Bone Health Experts and get answers to your personal bone-health questions
  • Discover community-exclusive content like interviews with the brightest minds in bone health, and guided yoga classes
  • See what women and men working towards better bone health are finding useful in their bone-health regimens

And the best part? The AlgaeCal Community is completely free for AlgaeCal customers. You’ll find all the details on how to join the community here.

If that weren’t enough, we like to treat our AlgaeCal Community members every now and then…

Like this BONUS scavenger hunt! 

To enter, answer the following question:

What is the name of “UNIT 1” in the AlgaeCal Community’s “Units” tab?

HINT: You’ll find the answer in the “units” tab at the top of the AlgaeCal Community Facebook group.

AlgaeCal Community

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