How Kyle Went from Severe Pain to Absolutely None in 3 Weeks

Updated: November 21, 2018

Kyle Lim in black collared shirt

Have you noticed a difference in your workouts or recovery since starting your Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil?

My buddy Kyle did.

Kyle is our tech guru here at AlgaeCal and a huge part of the team – and today I wanted to share his health story.

I don’t want to reveal too much, because I’ll let you him tell you himself.  But Kyle is an avid sportsman who enjoys anything from soccer to snowboarding.  It wasn’t until a couple years ago that he started having complications with his legs – severe pain, inflammation and cramps that ultimately forced him to stop playing the sports he loved altogether.

There is a happy ending to this story, because Kyle found a healthy and natural solution to his problem.  So click on the video below to watch or read along with the transcript below.


Dean: Hi, guys. Allow me to try something a little bit different this afternoon now on this email.  I’ve been noticing, because I’ve been on some pretty substantial hikes lately, that my recovery post hike after exercises has been quite a bit better since taking the Triple Power Fish Oil.  And I got chatting with Kyle here, who’s a long-term employee with AlgaeCal, and he told me a story that I thought it might be good to share with you, because I know many of you are exercising.  You’re walking, you’re swimming or doing whatever kinds you are, and recovering from exercise is one of the areas where’s there’s fair bit of science to support from omega-3 increases in the blood.

And so Kyle, what was your experience?  You were sharing with me, and I asked you to put it on the film, if you didn’t mind, for everyone to hear about. What happened to you?

Kyle: Well, essentially back in 2013, about over two years ago now, I joined a Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a kickboxing program.

Dean: That’s why I treat Kyle awfully nice.

Kyle: That’s me.  So it’s a very intense program.  You would have to do big investments of an hour and a half between both classes.  And most people don’t do both.  They just do either kickboxing or just the Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  So I’m like, “Well, I’m young, why not? I’ll do this. “And so after six months, guess what happened?

My legs literally gave out and I felt cramps and chronic pain all the time. And it didn’t go away for a very long time. It just kept coming back.

Dean: So then what happened?

Kyle: So, right after that, I started trying to do small, light exercises, like biking because it doesn’t put a lot of strain in your joints, and just simple jogging, just trying to move around.

Dean: Trying to recover and right? Just trying to move around the muscle injury.

Kyle: Yeah, just trying to move around, pretty much. And so I did hit like a low point where I actually had to take drugs, and anti-inflammatory drugs, and of course, it comes with side effects like drowsiness and it gave me really low energy levels.

Dean: I was wondering why you were sleeping in your desk all those days. Just kidding, man, just kidding you. So tell them what happened with the Triple Power?

Kyle: So eventually I managed to get a hold of that Triple Power Fish oil from Dean, our latest product.

Dean: Yeah, one of the early sample bottles of it coming in to help you guys, that’s why we wanted to share the story.

Kyle: So I started taking that at the end of July, and I also did the Omega 3 Quant test. And I found out I had really low levels. So I had about a 4.6% level and optimal is supposed to be above 8.

Dean: Yeah, you definitely want to be above eight for your optimal health, that’s for sure. So you were at 4.6, so you knew that there was a bit of an issue there. And how did you feel after you took the Triple Power then, Kyle?

Kyle: I felt great. I knew from the very beginning, that once I started taking it, that I felt a lot more flexible, the pain slowly diminished, and now, since then I’ve been taking it every day, and I’ve been doing a lot more rigorous exercise. I’ve been playing soccer. I go hiking and all that, so I really hope…

Dean: So, pain is inflammation or yes, around presentation, inflammation, and the pain started subsiding fairly quickly after taking the Triple Power or did it take a while?

Kyle: It worked pretty quickly. It’s still a gradual increase of the pain going away, of course, but I’d say between the time frame of the two years that where I didn’t take anything and just the light exercises versus taking Triple Power Fish oil and also doing those light exercises is from here to here. It’s a lot fater.

Dean: Are you saying that you had this problem on your legs for two years?

Kyle: That’s right.

Dean: I didn’t understand that. Wow! That’s amazing, that even more amazing. I didn’t get that. Wow. So two years of pain, take, tried everything, eventually you took Triple Power and then within weeks.

Kyle: Within weeks, yeah. Now I’m able to sleep better…

Dean: And continuing to get better.

Kyle: And all that.

Dean: That’s great, and less grumpy.

Kyle: low energy, just drowsy.

Dean: I’m just kidding, just kidding. Now that’s awesome Kyle. Thank you so much for sharing that. Is there anything else that you wanted to add or?

Kyle: Yeah, so I’m really excited. At the end of the number, it’ll be after about the three months, so I will be taking the test.

Dean: That’s right, the 90-day oil change. I’m looking forward to seeing that. Most of our employees did that 90-day oil change test, so we might be sharing one or two other short stories with you later on.

So, I hope that you found this interesting, I know many of you are exercising and recovery after exercise is really important. And if you have any stories of your own that you’d like to share on the Triple Power, please do so. Grab your iPhone or your smartphone and do a little video and send it into us. Thanks so much everyone. Thanks for watching.

Kyle: Thank you.

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  1. Lara Pizzorno

    October 8, 2015 , 1:45 pm

    AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing this, Kyle! My husband’s omega-3 levels are also low, 4.6, and he’s been having problems with his left knee, which will be a BIG problem for me if this prevents him from playing basketball! GRUMPY won’t begin to cover it! I’m making sure he’s taking 2 tablespoons of Triple Power every day.

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