Judy Vinson - Lighthouse Point, Florida

Hello, my name is Judy.

I'm recording from my art studio in South Florida. I live here half time and the other half I live in Montana. My husband and I are avid skiers and bike riders. And in general, pretty busy people. I've been getting bad reports about my bone density and I'm very concerned, I want to increase my bone density in a natural way. So, seven months ago, I found out about AlgaeCal on the internet, did a lot of reading and research and decided I wanted to give it a try. I started and just last week, I had another bone density. So it's about seven months since I started and I had really good results. So, just wanted to let everybody else know that there is an answer. You don't.. That's all natural. And now I can go and feel not nervous or have any fear about riding my bike and doing less skiing and being very active because I know my bone density is improving. And if I do fall, I'm not going to be humpty dumpty. Anyways, thank you so much AlgaeCal. I have a lot of confidence and happiness because of your wonderful products.

Thanks, bye bye.

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**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.