Bev Zizzy - Saskatchewan

Hi there! My name is Bev and I would like to share with you my experiences with bone density and with AlgaeCal. I'm 69 years old and I have had a very healthy lifestyle all my life. I've been a yoga practitioner all of my adult life, as well as having a very active lifestyle and a primarily vegetarian diet.

So I was really surprised when I had a bone scan two and a half years ago which indicated that I had low bone density issues. My previous scan, which I think was about three years prior to that, had indicated that things were normal and previous scans, perhaps a decade or so before, indicated that I had very high bone density.

I remember my doctor at that time telling me that I was going to have no issues with needing to worry about falling down and breaking my wrists when I'm 90 because my bone density was really high. But then menopause came along and a number of years passed and I found myself in this position two and a half years ago where I was looking at the surprising results of low bone density.

So my new doctor at that time made recommendations following tests that were not consistent with my lifestyle and my values. They were not in alignment with my approach to health care. So I declined. And instead I began taking AlgaeCal supplements, along with increasing my weight resistance asanas in my daily yoga practice, daily walks or bike rides or kayaks or snowshoeing or swimming, anything that fit seasonally with where I live and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

And I maintained that regime for a period of 15 months before going back for a second DEXA Scan to see if anything had changed. And it had. I was delighted, elated, really, to discover that in all measurable areas there was improvement, particularly in my hips, so that I am almost out of the loop concerning zone and almost back to normal.

And that was in 2020 when the second scan was done. So I'm really feeling very strong and feeling very healthy. I have no issues and I really, of course, maintaining all of the same regime with AlgaeCal and with the exercise, with everything and quite looking forward to my next DEXA Scan, which will be in six months from now.

And I'm not changing anything because I seem to be doing what I should be doing and going in the right direction. So I hope this helps you with your decision making and I thank you.

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**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.