AlgaeCal’s Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Updated: March 24, 2023

AlgaeCal February Giveaway Prizes
Update: The Valentine’s Day Giveaway is now closed. Thank you for taking part! The winners will be announced shortly

With Valentine’s day being in February, love is in the air. But we want to do things a little differently from the traditional roses, cards, and chocolates you’ll see everywhere this month. We want to help you show your bones some love!

How? By providing as much information and as many resources as possible to aid you on your bone health journey (more on that in just a moment).

And at the same time, we want to give you the chance to win one of two amazing, bone-building prizes…

  1. A FREE 6-month supply of AlageCal’s Bone Builder Pack ($396 value)
  2. A FREE 3-month supply of AlgaeCal’s Bone Builder Pack ($244 value)

The Bone Builder Pack provides all 13 essential bone-supporting minerals. In fact, take the Bone Builder Pack as instructed and you’re guaranteed to increase your bone density in as little as six months. No matter your age!

How to Enter the Giveaway

There are five ways you can enter AlgaeCal’s Valentine’s Day Giveaway. And each earns you a separate entry into the draw. That means you can enter MULTIPLE times, increasing your chances to win!

By completing all 5 entry methods, you’ll discover:

  • a free shopping list of the top magnesium-rich foods to add to your bone-building diet
  • exciting social media accounts brimming with bite-size bone health updates.
  • and some inspiration to encourage you on your bone health journey.

Remember, the more entries you complete, the more chances you have to win!

Enter below by clicking the pale green “+1” button for each option and following the instructions that pop up. When you’ve completed an entry the “+1” will be replaced with a tick, and you’ll receive a confirmation email.

AlgaeCal’s Show Your Bones Some Love Giveaway

Thank You and Good Luck!

Remember, you have until March 1st at midnight PST to enter. Best of luck in our Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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Lara Pizzorno
MDiv, MA, LMT - Best-selling author of Healthy Bones Healthy You! and Your Bones; Editor of Longevity Medicine Review, and Senior Medical Editor for Integrative Medicine Advisors.,
Dr. Liz Lipski
PhD, CNS, FACN, IFMP, BCHN, LDN - Professor and Director of Academic Development, Nutrition programs in Clinical Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health.,
Dr. Loren Fishman
MD, B.Phil.,(oxon.) - Medical Director of Manhattan Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Founder of the Yoga Injury Prevention Website.,
Prof. Didier Hans
PHD, MBA - Head of Research & Development Center of Bone Diseases, Lausanne University Hospital CHUV, Switzerland,