Janice Nowlan - Fort Myers, Florida

Hi, my name is Jan and I'm 71 years old and I've been dealing with bone loss issues for several years.

I've tried a few different things and I've gone to the gym and exercised my whole life. I had to stop recently because of some back issues, but I've always tried to take care of my health and I've tried to eat healthy, and I still do, recently though, well, about six months ago, I ran across an advertisement for AlgaeCal, and I read some of the testimonials from the other people that had used it. And it sounded pretty good. So I thought, well, I'm going to give this a try. So I got the AlgaeCal, I followed the regimen. I did two with breakfast, two with dinner and one or two Strontium Boost at night before I went to bed. And did this for about six months, and I decided to have another DEXA scan. I had had one eight months previous and it showed that I was still losing bone, It wasn't good. So I had one at the beginning of, well in mid August, I had one, and now it showed great results. I couldn't believe it. I was amazed at the results and let me give them to you. I had my spine previously was -2.0, and it went to -1.0, my neck was -2.1 and it went currently to -0.4. My hip was -1.3 and it went to -0.2, which is normal. It's not osteopenic in my hip anymore. So those are my T-scores. I was really grateful to AlgaeCal, I'm going to continue. I have not found anything else that worked as well as this. So I hope that you all have as good results as I do or even better.

So have a great day and God bless. Bye Bye.

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**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.