Virginia Riker - Santa Fe, NM

I am 67 years young.  I have been an advocate for natural healing for many years. I once managed a health food store and heard many stories from my customers of remarkable healing using natural approaches. I myself have healed myself and my family members, over the years, using natural supplements and foods.

But, I realized recently that I had developed a sort of blind spot regarding calcium. I knew that most calcium supplements are made from oyster shells and are not fully utilized within the body and can contribute to calcium "deposits". So, I tended to avoid taking them. I figured I could get the calcium I needed in the foods I ate. However, I failed to consider that I was eating less calcium-rich dairy foods since I seemed to feel better when I avoided them.

About a year ago, I noticed that my lower back, left side, was becoming increasingly painful and sore when I bent over even a little. The pain grew worse and worse over time. Eventually, I could feel it spread to my hip joint as well. I tried using topical oils and lots of cod liver oil and vitamin D. But, it seemed like there was something missing from those that my body really needed to heal.

During a visit to the doctor for another internal problem, I had an X-ray. I overheard the doctor telling a nurse that the X-ray showed everything normal except for some obvious deterioration of the spine.

After hearing this, I decided to take action and find some supplements that would specifically help my bones and discs in my spine strengthen. I could actually "feel" the bulging disc when I pressed my fingers where the pain was in my lower back. I knew that further deterioration was likely if I kept ignoring the problem.

I went online and found several kinds of calcium supplements. Then I found AlgaeCal and really liked that it was derived from algae rather than oyster shells, which I knew could be assimilated by my body more easily. I also liked that it was shown to be effective in building bone density. I went ahead and ordered a bottle to try.

I started taking two capsules each morning and afternoon. I noticed that the pain was lessening on the third day. It was still there. But, it was not as intense. After the first week, my back definitely felt better. I started doing some simple stretches, hoping to lessen the bulging disc I could feel on my left side. I slowly improved and was able to stretch farther and bend more without pain. And to my surprise, the bulging disc began to subside.

I ordered three more bottles of AlgaeCal. Then, as an experiment, I went for a while without taking any and noticed that the pain started to return. So, I started taking the four capsules a day again, and to my surprise, the pain went away again.

I now have been taking AlgaeCal for about two months, every day and each day I have felt improvement. The bulging disc is almost imperceptible now. It has definitely been healing. I can bend and twist without any pain. In fact, I feel strong and flexible like I did when I was young.

As a result of this miraculous recovery, I am able to do yoga stretches on a regular basis. I know AlgaeCal was instrumental in bringing me to my current state of health and I am committed to taking it every day. Thank you so much for making a great product.


**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.