Lida Koronewskij - Ottawa, Canada

I began to experience the syndrome of losing my balance, and falling down for no reason, and cracking ribs, in which were very painful and difficult to recover quickly.

In October of 2017, my GP recommended some more vitamin B12, and also a thyroid medication for some low readings. So, that was all well and done, and then he also recommended a routine DEXA scan, bone scan, to be done, which showed some deteriorations, and we had a discussion about how to increase my foods high in calcium, and so in the meantime, I was still looking and scouring, scanning the internet for more information. And I knew there had to be a combination of all these in a pill form instead of just having to take so many pills and supplements. So, way back in my earlier days, I was used to taking a wild crafted, blue green, freshwater algae, so, which I'm very much familiar with. And so when the AlgaeCal promo popped up on the on my internet, I was very interested to find out about this new source of algae. So to my relief, it proved true to its clinical studies, I was very happy actually. I proceeded and I ordered my first three month package. And I started on that as soon as I could, which was in June, June of 2018. So at this point, I kind of like to add that there was a short adjustment period or a detox phase with the AlgaeCal Plus and the Strontium Boost, which I believe my body was just started throwing off some radical toxins for which I am very, very grateful. And so within a few days to about a week, I was able to tolerate the nutrients of the AlgaeCal Plus and I slowly, we started on the Strontium Boost in the evening and have not looked back since. So this really made a big difference to me. So I want to thank you too, Lara Pizzorno from the AlgaeCal program for her explanation of the Strontium mineral. So going back to my GP, he is very supportive and encouraged me to keep going and to have a repeat DEXA scan next year. So my recent bone scan in October proved that the AlgaeCal program it's worth every penny and the AlgaeCal team and the bone consultants and are so supportive and kind and the journey is just beyond words. So I really want to give a big shout out of appreciation and this is truly truly been a Godsend for me. There's hope. Now some of the benefits that I've experienced to date is diminished diminished bone pain from about 95% to 98%. And exercise level has increased I'm sleeping soundly, digestion has improved overall about 100% my motivation and stamina have increased as well. And the AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost works synergistically synergetic, I can hardly pronounce that. I'm so excited synergistically with other supplements very well. So I'm really grateful about that. And also that the AlgaeCal Plus is got a kosher certification which was also very important for me and my nutrition.

So once again, I just want to thank you so much for all the work that you guys do. And thanks for this opportunity.

**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.