Lorie Neeser - Reno, NV

Hi, my name is Lorie Neeser. I live in Reno, Nevada. I wanted tell my story about AlgaeCal and hopefully I can bring hope to many other people who may be in the age category that I'm at .

By the time I was 54, I was given a piece of paper with a T-score of -3.6. At 54 years old, it was devastating to say the least. So, I started researching and researching and researching and I came across AlgaeCal. AlgaeCal is the most unique formulary that there is on the planet. There is nothing like it. It is plant-based. It is so thoughtful. It contains all the trace minerals that your body needs. You're taking algae and you're not swallowing rocks. Cause I always took calcium regularly, faithfully and saw continued decline. So, I started about two years ago and faithfully take it everywhere I go with me. On trips, planes, in my pocket, to work, everywhere I go my AlgaeCal comes with me. About, just past October, I had my next scan and I was thrilled. I got the news on Christmas Eve that my bone density had increased 8% in my spine and 1.5% in my hips. Now, If I had a DEXA scan previous the year before my numbers, or two years before, they would have been even larger. But that's beside the case. I was just thrilled that it was an 8% increase, knowing that it's probably a lot more than that, and that my hips were improving and the body is obviously loving this AlgaeCal. I took the news into my doctor and his jaw was on the floor. He has never seen anybody in his history ever improve their bone growth and he wanted to know what the heck I was doing. So, I tell everybody about AlgaeCal. I love the staff at AlgaeCal. This product is the most thoughtful product on the market. And for everybody out there who has been given devastating news and is running by fear that they might fall down and break their bones and that their life is going to stop. I am an extremely active person. Again, I'm only 55 years old, looking at 56. So, I am just thrilled that I brought my numbers down. I'm a 3.1 now. My hips are better. So, I would love to recommend AlgaeCal. Would I recommend it? I tell everybody. I tell people on planes. I tell people at work. I tell people at the grocery store. I tell people when I meet them anywhere. It's just a great topic of conversation. It's a great source of information to help people with. Because they truly don't know. So, I would like to just say thank you for letting me tell my story. There is hope out there for all of us who are struggling with such a deadly disease. We can improve our bones properly without having to take things that we do not want. So, thank you AlgaeCal. I'm looking forward to my next scan.

Thanks again all you guys. You're like family.

**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.