Teri Crook - Phillips, Nebraska

My name is Teri Crook. I'm 65 and a half years old and I'm living the good life in Nebraska.

I have had many issues with bone loss since 2012 and I've been on a lot of different products but nothing really gave me the results that I was looking for on my DEXA scans. So one day I happened to be on Facebook and I saw the advertisement for AlgaeCal. I watch the video and I listened to the customer testaments and I was very encouraged by what I was hearing from these people. Although I was still skeptical, I did some research on it and so did my daughter and from what we had read and from the guarantee, I just decided I really had nothing to loose. So in December of 2019, I ordered my first six bottles of the AlgaeCal Builder Pack. And besides doing AlgaeCal, my husband and I belong to the gym and we go three days a week, we use resistance machines, we walk and we eat a pretty good diet. So after about a year and a half of using AlgaeCal I was really anxious to get a DEXA scan done but because of the insurance, I waited two years and I got these results back and they were awesome. My lumbar spine density went from a 0.756 to a 0.874 a T-score of a negative 2.6 to a negative 1.6 and a z-score of a negative 0.2 which was an increase of 15.6%. My right femoral neck bone density went from 0.571 to 0.608, the T-score of a negative 2.5 to a negative 2.2 and a z-score of a negative 1.1 to a negative 0.6. My left proximal femur bone density went from 0.743 to 0.790, a T-score of a negative 1.6 to a negative 1.2 and a z-score of the negative 0.5 to 0.0, which was an increase of 6.3%. All of these were statistically significant. I was really thrilled with these results because I had told my doctor that I would prove to him that this product would work for me. Now he's a believer. Thank you AlgaeCal for giving me new hope. I'm really excited to tell people about this product because it works for me, it'll work for them too. And I know that I will continue to be an AlgaeCal user for many years. Thank you.

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**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.