Janice Van Haverbeke - Dorchester, Ontario

Hi, my name is Janice. I'm 70 years old.

I had a bone density scan in 2017. And when the results came back, they weren't good. And I thought I'd do some research on the Internet and I came across the AlgaeCal site. And I listened to a lot of the testimonials and I was impressed with them. And I saw the money-back guarantee, thought I have to try this product. So I took it for two years and I had another bone density scan. And the numbers had improved. From the neck was the original -2.3 and it went to -2.1. And the hip, in the original, it was -2.4 and went to -2.0. And my doctor was quite impressed with the results and he said to continue to do what I was doing. And I told him with the AlgaeCal, and I will continue to take it. I was very happy with the results and I and so thankful that I found out about AlgaeCal. Thank you AlgaeCal.

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**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.