Pam Monday - Austin, TX

Hi, my name is Pam Monday and I live in Austin, Texas, and I consider myself to be a young at heart 70-year-old. However, my bones tell a different story. For the last decade the bone density in my spine, my hip and my neck has been steadily decreasing, and I kind of helplessly watched.

I consider myself active, I'm a snow skier, but the numbers just kept going down. I want to confess also that I am not good at doing weight-bearing exercises, which I know I need to do. I go to the gym regularly, about three months before I ski, but everybody who is aging ought to do weight-bearing exercises, I know.

So my biggest fear is that I will be skiing and I'll crash, as I've been known to do, and that my bones will crumble, and that is scary indeed, for me. In fact, I had a friend who had that happen to her. She did not even know that her bone density was just terrible. And so she broke many bones, and her skiing days were over in a heartbeat.

Somehow I found out about AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost, and I don't even know how I did, but I am so grateful to whoever told me about it, because I've been taking it for the last two years. Recently, I had the bone density test. The only reason I didn't have one after a year is that Medicare won't pay for it except every other year.

When I got the results back, I could not believe it. In that two year period, the bone density in my spine is now normal, from a -2.4, which was my lowest. My density in my lumbar spine increased 9.6%. That's just amazing. In my hip increased 8.4%, in my neck 7%. That's over a two year period, and my numbers continue to do better and better.

I've told my friends who broke bones on the mountain a few months ago, a few weeks ago, actually, there were four of them. I said, please take this product for faster healing. I have told all my peers about AlgaeCal, all my peers are my age, and I'm saying, hey, density goes down. And I just can't tell you how the quality of my life has improved since I started taking these products, and I no longer fear those bone density tests.

So if you are watching this, you're probably considering whether or not you're going to take the AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost, I couldn't endorse those products more. I am so happy with how I'm doing, and I don't have that fear anymore that if I fall, I'm going to break something. So here's to a happy and healthy life. Thanks.

**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.