Linda Rubin - New York


Hi, my name is Linda and I'd like to share my AlgaeCal experience with you going back 13 years to my very first DEXA scan, I was 50 years old. It was just a routine DEXA scan.

My doctor called me quite alarmed when he got the results, saying that I had severe bone loss. I being 50 at the time and I had really no experience with bone loss prior to this, didn't really take him too seriously. He did suggest several medications and I just decided, you know, I was going to go on with my lifestyle the way it was, maybe throw some extra exercise in.

So I started to do yoga and joined the gym and started to do weight bearing exercises over the next several DEXA scans. Unfortunately, my bones continue to deteriorate. I went to several different specialists at this point. They all wanted me to be on different medications that they picked. By this time I had researched the medication and thought: “These are not for me.”

There has to be a better, more natural way to heal my bones. So I started doing more exercise and hoped that I could increase my bone density to the point where the doctors would stop pressuring me. But that unfortunately did not happen, and it continued to get worse and worse and worse until in 2018 the T-score of my spine was a -5.

Now I was really getting scared and I was mindful of every step I took. It did affect my quality of life. I used to hike a lot and go bike riding and horseback riding and I kind of put a hold on all of that and started walking the track instead. Then I saw an article about AlgaeCal, and I saw all the wonderful reviews that people were posting and the wonderful results that they were getting and thought: “I should definitely give this a try.”

Of course, being skeptical with everything and afraid to try everything, I didn't quite know what to expect. I started it in August of 2021 and after about four months I said, you know, let me get a DEXA scan” just to kind of see what my numbers are at this point. So I'll have a better way to judge when I have my DEXA skin next year.

And I was like shocked to see that there was already quite a bit of improvement. So fast forward another year and I just had my another DEXA scan in November of 2022 and my spine went to 3.9. So that was amazing. That was at 12% increase in a year. My hip went from 2.8 to 2.5, so that was a 5.9% increase.

So I was pretty impressed. This is just like amazing for me. I always dreaded going for my DEXA scans and now kind of excited about my next one. I'm going to continue on this good route and I suggest it to anybody and everybody that has bone loss to give this product a try. It is truly a wonderful product out there and I'm so grateful for AlgaeCal and the whole AlgaeCal team for all their guidance that they've given me to find this wonderful option to stronger, healthier bones.

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**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.