Sharryn Mounts - Valley Center, CA

So I had known that I was losing bone density, and I had tried over-the-counter, mineral-based calcium tablets, but they were huge, I had to take too many, they upset my stomach. And because I looked good and felt good, it was easy to ignore. And I ignored it for several years, and then I started being a little bit concerned about it, as they cautioned me ever increasingly about the amount of bone that I was losing according to these isolated, localized tests.

So because I had an HMO, I made an appointment, and I went down and got a full DEXA scan, and the results were alarming. That was my big wake-up call because I then got follow-up letters from their Healthy Bones Department saying that I should be very, very careful, that I should use my walker and my cane at all times, and that I was at high risk for a bone fracture.

So, at that point, I knew that was just not in line with my vision for my future, and I started doing some research because I knew I couldn't take the mineral-based calcium supplements. They just did not work.

I started asking a bunch of friends, older friends, and the one that I was most impressed with was a friend of mine who said, "You've gotta go visit this website." AlgaeCal. It was their website. And the website was very impressive.

They worked good for me. They worked good because they were small, they were easy to swallow, and they did not upset my stomach. So I continued on the AlgaeCal, and after two years, which was December of last year, 11 months ago, I went back and had a full DEXA scan, and they were just, they were amazed.

The technicians were amazed. The HMO was amazed. Everybody was amazed.

I'm very, very, very thankful for the plant-based calcium product. Once you've stopped doing the things that you love, your life is over. So I was sorta gonna let things take their course, but because I knew that I was at an ever-increasing risk, that's what motivated me to check into how I could solve the problem.

It just agreed with my system. I had no problems. I take it easily, regularly, I remember it, I take it with meals, and it's had the amazing results. Amazing results. It is the best value for your money because it works and it's easy to take and it solves your medical problem.

I had healthy, a lot, significant, not just a little, significant healthy new bone growth is what they told me. So I have tons, a lot, significant, I think was their terminology. I have the confidence to do anything that I wanna do. And I still wanna do lots of things in my life.

I tell everybody it saved my life.

**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.