Lori Yob - Spokane, WA

It was scary when I first got the result.

And I decided I'd better go see my doctor and get a follow-up bone density. It was scary. I had never been in a situation like that before, and I was concerned for my bone health at that time, and mine showed a minus 2.3. I was taking another product that had calcium, Vitamin D. I took that for two more years before I had another bone test. And when I had that test, everything stabilized. It hadn't gotten any worse, it hadn't gotten any better. It pretty much stayed the same. I didn't have another bone density then for three more years. When I went to the health fair and they had the ankle scan there, and I just took it because they had it. So I was pretty, pretty scared at that point and wanted something that would work, that would help build my bone back up. The things that I was afraid of were limited activity. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do the things I like to do. We jog, we bike-ride. We do a lot of physical activities. We swim and water ski at the lake. We snow ski, cross-country ski. There's a lot of physical activity that I love to do, and I was really afraid of that. I was afraid of a fracture in my lumbar spine, which would have been awful. I mean it would have been terrible. It would have been painful. It would have been very limiting to my lifestyle. I see patients that have undergone different procedures in the hospital to put bone cement in those fractures to seal them up so that they weren't turning so bad. I've seen patients that have been bedridden because of the fractures and not able to get around. And I think that immobility is what really caused me to wanna do something. My husband was also afraid for me. And as I explained it to him in medical terms, he was very concerned. My sister-in-law, who actually is in naturopath, and she told me, I actually contacted her because I knew she had just completed a course, and maybe she would know a supplement that I could take that would help, and she told me about AlgaeCal. She said that she had seen that. She knew that it had clinical studies that went with it, and so I started researching it at that point. I looked at the clinical studies online and read about them, and that impressed me the most. Being from a medical background, it impressed me that they had done clinical studies, and patients had actually tried the product and seen the difference. So as I researched AlgaeCal, I was skeptical. There's a lot of other supplements out there that have some of the same kinds of claims, although they don't have clinical studies to back it up. I've been taking AlgaeCal since 2008 when I was first diagnosed. So I waited almost a year and a half before I went to the doctor and got another bone strength test. I came home from work that night, and I went to the mailbox, and I had the results of my test in the mail that had been sent to me, and it showed a 7 1/2% increase in my spine. The next year, I increased 9.7% in my lumbar spine. So, we've had wonderful results. I know that at the beginning of all of this, I had aching in my spine, and now I have none of that, and I feel strong, and I'm doing things that I love to do, and it's working. I'm only gonna keep going up because I'm not gonna quit taking the product. It's worked, it's shown results, and I do feel strong, and I'm seeing that it's gonna be something that I'll be living with the rest of my life. Even if I get into the normal range, I won't quit taking the product because I wanna maintain that bone health. And it's given me a peace of mind that my bone is getting back where it needs to be. I'm most happy about being able to continue in the activities that I love doing. I love exercising, I love running and biking and playing with my little granddaughter. And I'm gonna be able to do those kinds of things because my bone is getting stronger. I wish that more people knew about it. And I'm doing my best to tell people what I know and how it's helped me. But I wish that it was more widespread for people to hear, especially the clinical trials. I think that's what, for me, made the difference.

I'm thankful that it's given me my life back, really, because I can keep doing the things that I love to do.

**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.