Joan Reich - Blaine, Minnesota

Hello, my name is Joan Reich and just two years ago I was the one looking at the AlgaeCal site, listening to the testimonials, reviewing the clinical studies and hoping to find some answer to reducing the amount of bone loss I was seeing on my bone scan results.

My bone loss history probably goes back 20 years to when I was first diagnosed with Grave's disease, which is a thyroid disorder. It had been treated but the condition leaves one predisposed to bone loss. I also have a family history predisposing me to bone loss. It was because of this that my doctor recommended that I do regular, every two year follow ups with bone scans, that I increase calcium intake in my diet and increase the amount of calcium plus D supplementation to high-dose levels. In addition to this, I've always had a commitment to exercise activities like hiking, biking, walking, aerobic fitness classes and resistance training. Despite all these measures, my every two-year DEXA scans indicated that what I was doing just wasn't enough to stop ongoing bone loss. Each subsequent one seemed to further decline and in 2018, my results were rather alarming. My lumbar's T-score was down to a -2.7 and my hip score was a -1.5. After viewing the AlgaeCal site and hearing the positive results others were having with the products, I decided to give them a try. And so, for the past two years I've been taking the recommended dosing, the AlgaeCal Plus and the Strontium Boost. When I had my recent DEXA scan about a month ago and the results came back, I was just completely overjoyed with the results. The numbers exceeded my expectations. My lumbar T-score had improved by 14% and my hip score had a 3.6% improvement. With these results, I will certainly continue with the AlgaeCal products and can hardly wait to see what my next bone scan results reveal.

Thank you to AlgaeCal for this informative site and for having the wonderful products available to make a positive difference in people's lives and in their health.

**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.