Dianne Acaster - North Battleford, Saskatchewan

Hi, my name is Dianne and I just wanted to say a little bit about my journey on AlgaeCal.

It started a year ago in January after I found a posting for it on Facebook. And I listened to the, the 45 minute video that was on there. And it was very, very interesting. I was so glad to found it. I discovered that I had bone loss in my lower spine several years ago now. And I tried to just look after myself through diet and exercise but it didn't really have the effects that I was hoping it would cause it just didn't work that well. And I started having bone density scans done a few years back. I can, I have copy of my 2018 one, which was not good. It was actually, things were getting worse. And then in 2019 I had another one and they were worse again and last, and then in September of 2019, I had a really severe back pain for a month. I don't know what was going on, but it hurts so bad. I couldn't bend over. I couldn't lift anything. If I was wanting to work in the garden and get down on my hands, my knees, I couldn't get up. It was very, very frightening. I went to the doctor with it and he strongly recommended that I start on bone loss medication and it was an injection once every six months. I did a lot of research on that. I didn't really like anything that I read about it. That really was very frightening. So I took about five or six months of debating whether or not I should. And I finally, at the end of January, 2020, I decided, I thought I had no choice so I did take one injection. About two weeks after taking that injection, I found this AlgaeCal posting online, and I bought the, you know, year supply. And I went on it and it was just a godsend. I also started on the triple power and I've been on that as well. And I think that has really been what's saved my back pain from coming back. It's the anti-inflammatory properties of that are amazing. I've had no real lower back pain for six to seven months now. So it's wonderful. And I did not take another injection. Then I had another bone density done in January of this year and was very pleased when I got my results back. The numbers have improved. Not a huge amount, but they are better. What the numbers were in 2018, as I can remember to what they were in 2019, they had gotten worse. Well, now my 2020 results or 2021 results are back to about 2018 results. So they are going back the proper way. So I'm hoping it, you know, I can stay on it another six years. I'm hoping I'll be free of this horrible disease and I'll stay out the rest of my life. It works. I'm not having any side effects from it. And it's just wonderful. So if anybody is considering taking it but wondering if they should, you should, it works. It's something that the doctors don't even seem to know about, but my doctor is willing to listen to me about it and I'll give him the information that I have on it. So think about taking it, start on it, and I'm sure your journey will be as successful as mine. I guess, that's it. Thank you.

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**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.