Gail Hofmann - Western Springs ,Illinois

Hi, my name is Gail Hoffman. I'm in Illinois and I'm still working as a hairdresser, as you can see.

So this is my, I wrote down and I'm gonna read my story so I get it totally correct. My AlgaeCal journey starts while visiting my elderly mother. I hear her calling my name and I ran into her room. She was tightly holding herself to the bedpost. While trying to help my mother stabilize herself, in my arm, she slowly crumbled to the floor. Watching my mom become a very paraplegic, I vowed this would never happen to me. I had already been extensive hiker, and now, after her experience, I added yoga to my routine. Going for a DEXA scan at 61 in 2014, my T-scores were not so bad. Thinking I'm doing good, I just kept with my regular routine. In 2017, my DEXA scan showed that I was getting worse. I started looking for help and then I started taking AlgaeCal. 2018 I was in British Columbia to watch bears catch salmon and the resort where I was staying had ATVs. The owner took myself and my girlfriends, each of us on our own ATV, out for an adventure. We were about an hour and a half out and decided to head back for lunch. On our way back to the resort, the left front of my ATV hit a rock. The ATV flipped and over the edge, both of us went down a ravine. Waking up, I was laying on the left side with my right arm hanging in a tree. Very slowly, I lifted my arm off the tree and draped it over my body. No one saw my ATV or myself go over the edge. A while later I heard the owners on his ATV come looking for me. And we must've been so far down he couldn't see myself or the ATV. So knowing I had to get myself out, I slowly on my left side, inched my way up and out to the road and then started walking. The amazing part of my story is nothing else broke. My body ached for weeks but I never had any bone pain whatsoever. So I chose no surgery. Otherwise I would not be able to work for like six months and I need to support myself. So 2019, one year after my accident, I had a next DEXA scan. Four out of five of my readings were better. Since my arm can't support my weight, instead of yoga I now do pilates.

So thank you, AlgaeCal.

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