Ann Rebera - Virginia

Hello. My name is Ann Rebera, and I wanted to share my AlgaeCal story with you. I have had bone loss since my thirties. And when my doctor told me that I needed to take medication, I'm a registered nurse, so I looked up the side effects of that medication, and I knew right away that I did not want to take that.

So I tried all other types of treatments, lots of different vitamin supplements, other types of things. I've never been able to tolerate regular calcium supplements, so that was never helpful to me. My bone density continued to decline with the greatest decline after menopause with my t scores anywhere from -1.9 to -2.9. So that was very concerning to me, and I kept searching for other ways to improve my bone density. I believe I saw an ad for AlgaeCal several years ago, and right away I felt that it would be right for me. It was an all natural source of high quality calcium.

And then I saw that the Strontium was also available as another thing that could help me.

So I immediately started taking it, and I've been taking both for about a year and a half now. And I just had another bone density scan. And this time, my t scores were between -1.6 and -2.4, which was a pretty good improvement in bone density. And then the percentages of my bone density increases were from 5.5% to 11.4%.

So to say I was happy is very understatement. I was really ecstatic and needless to say, I'm going to continue taking AlgaeCal and Strontium forever!

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**Increased bone density results are consistent with 3 published studies. Typical bone density increases ranged from 1-4% within 6 months to one year. See studies here. Individual results may vary.